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pounds, it was, and fair to middling, the season being what it
was and-----"

" I object, Your Honour," Wilkins said, very loud.

Al Turpin turned his slow gaze upon him, with an expres-
sion of relief, almost, or of gratitude.

" I object that this testimony is irrelevant to this case. The
poundage of Mr. Turpin's crop and his relations with the

" Objection overruled."

Wilkins sat down, but his hands grasped the edge of the
table before him.

Al Turpin resumed. What he got for his crop wasn't bad
as some years, he said, but the waiting, that was bad, and
people said the price would go down, that the Association was
losing members.

Wilkins objected, but was overruled.

"Then I heard some talk around," Al Turpin continued,
" how some men over in Hunter County was getting together
to do something about the way things was-----"

"Was this represented to you as a terrorist organization?"
the prosecutor demanded.

" I object," Wilkins said, rising and waving his arm. " My
opponent is leading the witness I"

" Objection overruled."

"Will you please answer the question?" the prosecutor
said to Al Turpin.

"I can't say as it was, if I rightly know. They just said it
was some folks getting together and gonna do something.
That's what-----"

"I object that this is hearsay and should not be admitted
as evidence!" Wilkins exclaimed, almost shouting.

"Objection sustained," the judge said, then added: "The
witness will please confine himself to matters of direct observa-

Al Turpin looked about him, working his big hands slowly
on his knees. "I been doing the best I know," he said. He
paused, seemed to sink in upon himself, then began: " One